tag: self-regulation in schools. Mindfulness Meditation is being marketed as self regulation in schools.

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We are campaigning for the removal of Mindfulness Meditation, and Mindfulness-oriented programs, from Canadian public schools. Please click here to read the online petition.

Which leads to the issue of ambiguity around self regulation in schools. And the questions of – what is self regulation in schools?








What is self regulation in schools? SEL is a term used for mindfulness programs. Self-regulation in schools.


If you decide to sign the Petition, you will have the option to post a public or private comment. Here are a few of the public comments, that supporters have published, at the petition:


“As a Buddhist myself I know that what they are teaching IS basic Buddhism (Zen especially) which would mean this IS religious [in] nature…” Rick Stafford, Dresden, Ontario


“Mindfulness is a spiritual practice based on a Buddhist worldview. I did Mindfulness for 12 years and know well what it is. It has no place in schools. It is not academic nor is it normal play or normal relaxation. It is a mind altering technique and makes the mind suggestable. This is only for adults who can give informed consent.” N.A.Arlington, V.A.


“I am signing because I support the concept of liberty of conscience. Both my grandfathers and my father were severely wounded defending liberty of conscience against external aggressors who would have abolished it. I refuse to sit by idly while my own elected officials trample that liberty underfoot. No person in Canadian schools should be forced to act against his or her conscience. My parents and grandparents were willing to die to defend that right…” Boyd Jahnke, Ardrossan, Canada






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